Clubs by us...


Complete design & brand creation for new late night entertainment venue incorporating bold architectural features & a variety of textural materials with detailed attention to the lighting design. A multi-function venue for both day & night time use.

Bar XS

Complete refurbishment for this nightclub client involving our detailed design, specification & coordination following an industrial theme combining materials of concrete, steel, timber & glass.

Presentation Boards

Where required, quality presentation boards provided for all projects showing examples of materials, colours & finishes specified with ambience to be achieved

Concept Design Visual_1

Various artistic visualisations for Core Design Consultants for another late night venue.

Concept Design Visual_2

Artistic computer-generated visuals for Core Design Consultants' design of a new nightclub.

Past Work

Various late night venue projects designed whilst working with previous practices. Very specific design features were created by us for each job, like bespoke furniture & light fittings. Particular attention was focused on the overall lighting design in each space to create atmosphere, operational flexibilty & individuality.